Bob Aldrich

Brattleboro, June 2024

Bob Aldrich
American, B. 1955
Lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont


Bob Aldrich was born and raised just outside Providence, Rhode Island. He has remained active with his arts practice for many years, though it wasn’t until moving back to New England that he began showing his work.


Focus is primarily on abstract and automatic painting and drawing. Lately, some less abstract images have begun to infiltrate the work, though they are in the background and less obvious than the ideas that come through an automatic, meditative process, whatever you call it?
The work is in response to many things- nature, things happening in the news, memories, color, the essence of a particular object, a response to the idea of motion, time. Bob feels a painting as much as he sees it. He sees himself more as a bystander or instrument in the process and is grateful that he’s able to have this way to interpret what’s going on around him.